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What little girl (or big girl, for that matter), doesn’t love a cute twirly dress to spin around in and feel like a princess? Something about just makes you feel beautiful, alive, and full of energy.  With spring upon us and summer coming up soon, now is the perfect time to start thinking about what kinds of twirly dresses and skirts your little girl will love. Let’s take a look.

This beautiful aqua mint ruffle dress is full of fabric and billows out to show itself off.



Take a trip to Elsa’s Frozen land with this turquoise blue dress. The ruffles on the top and throughout the dress give your princess some subtle flair.



Have your princess look pretty in pink this summer. Look how cute she looks with a vintage baby pink twirly dress.





This pure white ruffle dress is great for twirling and lets your little girl move around and play in.  The white girls dress is very versatile.  You can match it with any other colors of shoes or accessories, or photography backdrops.  You can use it not only for weddings, baptism, birthday party, dance recital or church outing, but also every day for school or playing.  White color is our favorite.









All these dresses and other styles can be found in MaMaLoNi’s dress section.  Please don’t forget to look at all of our styles!  you can also customize any dress by adding beautiful headbands and hair clips, girls necklaces and bracelets, leggings and leg warmers.  The complete formal look is all about the accessories…

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Great Gatsby Themed Photoshoot

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Great Gatsby themed photoshoot for your princess!

If you love the 1920’s look, go for a Great Gatsby-inspired photography shoot! Absolutely CLASSIC. Chic, vintage–all on point! This is one of my favorite movies, and the apparel and style makes me wish I could live in those times! Let’s re-create the theme! Here are some tips and ideas for portraying the theme in The Great Gatsby, an Academy Award winner for Best Costume Design.

A classic look :)
A classic look :)
Dress+headband+dress band+accessories = perfect Great Gatsby outfit.
Dress+headband+dress band+accessories = perfect Great Gatsby outfit.

1. What’s the context and background? You may be shooting outside, in your home, or in a studio. Pick props and an outfit that will center around your princess (not the other way around).

2. Hair. Slick + waves, all day every day. The popular trend in the Gatsby era was a slicked-back look with finger waves and curls. Super chic!

3. Choose the main outfit piece. Depending on your little girl’s personality and preference, you can create your own look by choosing a dress or romper. What’s your daughter’s unique style?


This is where the Great Gatsby side of me really comes outfit. Their outfits are to die for! Scroll down to the bottom to see more dress options :)








4. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.


This is a make-it-or-break-it accessory! This is what MAKES the outfit. It completes the overall vintage look and really gives the feel for a Great Gatsby look.





Alright everyone, details matter! The little things count! Headbandsnecklacesbracelets, and earrings complete the vintage look.



Give it a touch of elegance with a dress band. I think these are super classy and really add to the dress. It gives it that dazzle-look that the glamorous stars had in the Gatsby days.



Complete look ideas:





I hope these tips were helpful! I LOVE The Great Gatsby, and I hope your Gatsby-inspired photoshoots are everything you envisioned!

To help get you started on shopping for your Gatsby star’s outfit, check out our selections on ETSY & the web!

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Cute Baby Leg Warmers

Mamaloni leggings

Leg warmers are an essential accessory for your child: baby girls, baby boys, little girls, big girls, and even newborn. Not only do they keep your little ones legs warm, but they protect their tender knees as they crawl! Most babies reach the crawling stage fast and when they do, it’s off to the races! These fashionable leg warmers are a sure way to make sure your baby keeps those cute legs safe, protected and fashionable .

Mamaloni leggings boy

Now these leg warmers come in a variety of different styles (see picture below). You can mix and match them with any outfit! Try matching them up with a beautiful romper, bloomer, tutu, or even a dress! Whatever the occasion we’ve got you covered! Oh and did I mention that they are even for baby boys! After all we know how active your little guy is!



Here is a link to the available cute baby leg warmers that we have!

If you want to match them with a Romper look here!

If you want to match them with a Bloomer look here!

If you want to match them with a Tutu look here!

If you want to match them with a Dress look here!

Familiar with Etsy? Check out our Etsy page for all of our amazing products!

I just love this one!! This is the perfect pink-princess outfit for her :)
I just love this one!! This is the perfect pink-princess outfit for her :)

Your Baby Easter Outfit

Easter is right around the corner, are you ready? Think about all of the Easter traditions in your family, coloring eggs, Easter egg hunts, getting together with family and so much more. With all of these traditions and get-togethers on their way don’t you want your little princess to look her best? Luckily here at Mamaloni we have you covered. We have everything you could ever need when it comes to picking out the perfect baby Easter outfit!

Let’s start with the bottoms:

Pick a pair of bottoms in any color!
Pick a pair of bottoms in any color!

Did you know that Mamaloni carries a huge variety of diaper covers and tutus in just about any color? That means that if you want your little girl to match for family photos or just to look good for the gatherings you can get just what you’re looking for. Here, try these links out just to see! Click diaper covers or tutus to find whatever you are looking for. Whatever it is that you need, you’ll certainly find what you need to match your perfect Easter baby outfit.

Next let’s find her some leggings

Pick leggings to match!
Pick leggings to match!

Leggings are the perfect addition to your perfect baby Easter outfit. Coming in all colors and designs you can find one to complement the bottoms you just picked out perfectly! You’re little girl is going to be the center of attention at all of your Easter parties! She will look so great, especially when you pick out an outfit that matches perfectly from the Mamaloni store. Here, we’ll save you some time, here’s the link to the leggings, just click right HERE! and you’ll be sure to find the perfect leggings.

Last stop! Necklaces and headbands

Piece together your own perfect baby Easter outfit!
Piece together your own perfect baby Easter outfit!

Now that you have the bulk of her outfit, it’s time to accessorize, after all, the outfit is only half done if you don’t have any accessories for her yet! Chunky necklaces and headbands are all the rage right now in baby clothing. If you really want to build the perfect baby Easter outfit you need to make sure you find a headband and a necklace to match her outfit. Here are the links, click here for headbands or here  for necklaces, once you’re done with that you’ll be on your way!

Just can’t get enough? We know the feeling. If you are looking for something else such as dresses, outfits, or anything else just click right here to see the whole store. you’ll find everything you and your little girl could ever need. Don’t waste time! Easter will be here soon!

Rainbow pettiskirt in pastel colors, matching lavender lace romper, matching lavender leg warmers with polka dots, matching colorful necklace, and an aqua ostrich feather bow to top it all over.  All are available in our store at